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Up to 70% energy savings on climate control.

DYSECO offers revolutionary innovations in the field of climate control.
Premium Air Quality

Safeguarding collection

Minimal energy use
Optimal comfort


DYSECO was founded in 2019 by passionate climate engineers who brought their scientific research results from the university to the field. With deep knowledge of control engineering, monitoring, and data analysis, smart energy-saving solutions are made available for practical use. With a focus on climate control in critical environments such as museums and cleanrooms, the DYSECO solution saves tons of CO2 for our growing customer base. This makes a concrete and quantifiable contribution to climate goals while reducing costs.

What we offer

Highest energy efficiency

Air quality conform standards

Minimal contamination risk

Optimal control of temperature, humidity, and air quality

With DYSECO®, the indoor climate is regulated within specific ranges (for example, according to ISO or ASHRAE standards), in the most energy-efficient manner. This not only considers set limits but also permissible fluctuations within these limits.

Dynamic regulation of the indoor climate

Unlike conventional control systems, DYSECO utilizes patented algorithms to achieve a dynamic and robust climate control. This allows the HVAC system to only consume energy when parameters are at risk of exceeding predetermined limits.

A plug-and-play and scalable solution

DYSECO offers an add-on module that is compatible with common Building Management Systems (BMS) utilizing BACnet, Modbus, LON, and KNX protocols. The existing BMS remains in control while DYSECO optimizes energy usage and climate control.

Highest energy efficiency

Air quality conform standards

Minimal contamination risk

The DYSECO solution:
Climate control of the 21st century.

Latest news

Latest news

In 2023, the Mauritshuis entered into a partnership with DYSECO. As a result, the energy demand for climate control has been reduced by 42%, and annual CO2 emissions have decreased by 138 tons. With a payback period of approximately 2 years, this represents a significant contribution to the goal of achieving climate-neutral operation. Through DYSECO, sustainability, optimal collection preservation, and visitor comfort are combined with maximum environmental efficiency.

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DYSECO Solution

At the core of DYSECO solutions lies a patented algorithm that creates an optimal indoor climate with minimal energy usage. The system features the following characteristics:

Self-adaptive dynamic climate control

Intuitive dashboard for monitoring and reporting
Based on unique and patented algorithms
External climate and internal loads are implicitly considered
Ideal for critical environments such as museums and cleanrooms
Seamless integration with common building management systems

The four benefits

Optimal indoor climate

The indoor climate meets requirements specified in ISO or ASHRAE standards. Common standards are pre-programmed, or the user can set the limits themselves. This ensures an optimal indoor climate, for example, for collection preservation or in production environments.

Payback period <3 years

Our clients typically achieve an average reduction in energy demand for climate control of approximately 32%, with a maximum of 78%. In nearly all cases, the payback period is less than 3 years.

Reduced strain on HVAC systems, improved building preservation

As the climate control system operates at a lower average level due to optimized regulation, less wear and tear occur, extending the maintenance interval. Building preservation is also enhanced because condensation occurrences during the heating season become a thing of the past.

Minimal environmental impact

Minimizing energy demand results in a minimized environmental footprint.

An optimal indoor climate with minimal energy demand.