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Questions & answers

Is my climate system suited for DYSECO®?
Your climate system (HVAC) is suited when it is controlled by a so-called building management system that controls both temperature and relative humidity.

DYSECO® operates with a one-time purchase price, covering the costs for engineering, hardware, and implementation. Additionally, the user subscribes to a service, covering license fees, data traffic costs, monitoring, support, and full warranty during the subscription period.

The payback period is almost always shorter than 5 years. For most institutions it’s even shorter than 3 years, including the costs for the subscription.

DYSECO® offers full warranty on the functioning of the supplied hardware and software during the contract period. Additionally, DYSECO® guarantees a minimum energy saving. The amount of the guaranteed saving is project-specific, but in many cases, it is at least 20% on the energy consumption of the air handling unit controlled through DYSECO®.

The application of DYSECO® is as secure as the existing building management system. For instance, the interface and dashboard are only accessible through two-factor authentication. Additionally, the integration of DYSECO® into the building management system is done in close consultation with your IT administrator.

Installing DYSECO® on your HVAC system can help solve problems caused by unstable regulation or capacity shortages, either fully or partially. However, DYSECO® does not help when an installation is poorly designed, exhibits defects, or is due for replacement.

The savings strongly depend on the structure and settings of your current HVAC system and your preferences for comfort and collection preservation. Prior to implementation, we assess these factors and develop a business case for you. This ensures clarity on what to expect beforehand. Additionally, we guarantee that the estimated savings will be achieved.

DYSECO® monitors legislation for you. If there are any changes to legislation, we will promptly update the software on the DYSECO® Control Module and inform you. If a lender has specific climate requirements, you can always set a ‘custom climate’ based on those specific requirements.

The mission of DYSECO® is to develop the algorithm even further and/or to find more fields of application. As long as you use the DYSECO® control module, you receive updates when a new version of the algorithm is launched. Also when legislation changes, you receive an update. You are therefore prepared for the future.

When implementing DYSECO® into the building management system of your climate system, the original software of the building management system is first secured. Additionally, a digital switch is installed, allowing you to switch between the original control and the DYSECO® control at any time. Therefore, you can always revert to the original situation.