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Our solutions

DYSECO helps institutions with high demanding environments to achieve optimal sustainability in climate control.

DYSECO® optimal climate control

DYSECO® is a powerful add-on for BMS-controlled air handling units that offers up to 70% reduction in energy demand while ensuring that indoor climate conditions comply to international requirements for art preservation and thermal comfort. The science-based patented algorithm determines the energetically optimal setpoints for temperature and relative humidity in real-time. Thereby, prioritizing collection preservation, ensuring thermal comfort and supporting building conservation at the lowest energy demand possible.

DYMETRIX® state-of-the-art monitoring & analysis

Our DYMETRIX® platform provides state-of-the-art monitoring, data analysis and alarms. KPIs offer insight at a glance for conservators, facility managers and system engineers. Interact with your data to explore further savings opportunities and assess climate data in critical environments, e.g. collection preservation quality. Easily communicate the indoor climate performance via the integrated reporting tool. Moreover, remain in control with DYMETRIX® automated alarms service.

DYVECO® energy efficient fan control

In the summer of 2024, DYVECO® will be launched. This new solution offers up to 23% electricity savings for air handling units by optimizing fan control and demand-controlled ventilation processes. Used as a stand-alone solution, or in conjunction with DYSECO®, existing and new air handling units will operate at maximum efficiency and thereby substantially aid in reaching a decarbonized future.